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Discover Unparalleled Car Audio Services at Audio Dreams, 1175 Foothill Blvd, La Verne, CA 91750.
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Experience the pinnacle of sound quality with us, where we understand the art of superior auditory experiences.
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Car Audio

Amplify your journey with our bespoke Car Audio solutions. Delve into a world where sound meets precision, as we engineer immersive audio landscapes uniquely suited to your vehicle. From audiophile-grade installations to avant-garde entertainment systems, our commitment is to redefine your driving soundscape. Experience your car as a symphony on the move and let every drive resonate with pure musical bliss.
Sound Amplifiers

Explore sound amplification options to enhance the power and clarity of your audio system.

Discover how we can connect your smartphone to enjoy your favorite music and apps in your vehicle.

We fine-tune equalizers and settings to tailor the sound to your personal preferences and your car’s interior.

Marine Audio

Take your marine adventures to the next level with our Marine Audio solutions. We specialize in delivering crystal-clear audio systems designed to withstand the rigors of life on the water. Whether you’re cruising, fishing, or just enjoying a day on your boat, our marine audio installations ensure a premium audio experience that complements your aquatic lifestyle. Dive into a world of sound on the open seas with our expertly crafted marine audio solutions.
Water Resistance

Explore speakers, amplifiers, and receivers specifically designed to withstand marine conditions.

Learn how we customize audio installations for your boat, considering the unique acoustics of the aquatic environment.

Explore remote control options and smart technology that make managing your audio system easy while enjoying the water.

PowerSport Audio

Unleash the thrill of your outdoor adventures with our PowerSport Audio services. We specialize in equipping your off-road vehicles and power sport toys with rugged audio systems built for the elements. Whether you’re tearing up the trails, hitting the dunes, or exploring the great outdoors, our PowerSport Audio installations deliver high-quality sound that keeps up with your adrenaline-fueled escapades. Elevate your off-road experiences with audio that matches your passion for adventure.Unleash the thrill of your outdoor adventures with our PowerSport Audio services. We specialize in equipping your off-road vehicles and power sport toys with rugged audio systems built for the elements. Whether you’re tearing up the trails, hitting the dunes, or exploring the great outdoors, our PowerSport Audio installations deliver high-quality sound that keeps up with your adrenaline-fueled escapades. Elevate your off-road experiences with audio that matches your passion for adventure.


Discover audio systems designed specifically for all-terrain vehicles and utility task vehicles.

Explore audio solutions tailored to motorcycles, delivering high-quality sound on your rides.

Explore additional accessories such as lighting and charging systems that complement your off-road motor sports experience.

Alarm & Security

Protect what matters most with our top-tier Alarm & Security solutions. We specialize in safeguarding your vehicle, ensuring peace of mind wherever you go. Our cutting-edge alarm and security systems are designed to deter theft and provide 24/7 monitoring. Whether you’re concerned about your car, boat, or power sport equipment, we offer advanced security options to keep your valuable assets secure. Invest in your safety with our reliable Alarm & Security services.

Advanced Alarm Systems

Learn about the features of our alarm systems, including motion sensors, remote notifications, and engine immobilization.

Explore how our 24/7 monitoring service provides peace of mind and swift response in case of emergencies.

Discover our GPS tracking and location options for quickly recovering your vehicle in case of theft.

Entrust Us with Your Visionary Audio Creation.

Car Audio Dreams is your one-stop-shop for all things Car Audio.


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Tyler Triplett
Tyler Triplett
This place has been a lifesaver from day one. They have helped me from installing my intoxalock device, giving me the best prices on speakers and an anti theft system. They've given me discounts when I needed it and have always treated me with the best service. I highly recommend this place, this place will have my business forever
Liliana Garcia
Liliana Garcia
Great service!! I would highly recomend Audio dreams. Thank you guys for helping me tune my DSP.
Filiberto Garcia
Filiberto Garcia
Muy buen servicio. Instalacion limpia I profecional. Roberto me contesto todas mis preguntas. Se los recomiendo.
jairo Barrientos
jairo Barrientos
I’m very satisfied with their service. Clean install and great costumer service. I would highly recommend them.
Daryl Griffith
Daryl Griffith
Wondering how to install your new Audio Dreams car stereo? Our step-by-step installation guides provide easy-to-follow instructions, ensuring a seamless upgrade to your car's audio system. Maximize the potential of your purchase and enjoy a professional-grade installation process with tips and tricks from the experts at Audio Dreams.
Ernestine Jones
Ernestine Jones
Unmatched Expertise: Audio Dreams is the go-to destination for anyone seeking expert advice on car audio systems. The staff's knowledge and passion for audio equipment are evident, and their recommendations transformed my driving experience. Exceptional service and a wide range of top-quality products make them the best in the business.
Shamus Tatham
Shamus Tatham
The owner Sam is freaking amazing, all I can say is that he’s got your car entertainment covered from A-Z Period!!! This is my experience with my car stereo installation: They help you plan, set up, and even check in after to make sure you're thoroughly satisfied with their service. I never felt pushed by them trying to upsell. They won't try to talk you into pricey stuff you don't really need (Unlike all other audio shops I have been to in the past). Whether you're a rookie or a hardcore audio enthusiast, they've got options for every budget. From simple setups to totally custom jobs, they've got the skills to handle it all. Sam you rock man, funny as hell yet very professional and honest. Totally recommend Audio Dreams to everyone looking for reliable car stereo installation services.
Jac Araica
Jac Araica

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