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Aviation History at Cable Airport, Upland, CA

Situated in the heart of Upland, CA, Cable Airport stands as a testament to the rich aviation history of the region. As the world’s largest family-owned, public-use airport, it serves as an important hub for flight training, aircraft maintenance, and general aviation services. Its history, dating back to its inception in 1945 by the Cable family, is steeped in a tradition of aviation excellence that has seen it evolve, expand, and adapt to the changing landscape of the aviation industry over the years.

This study will delve into the storied past of this enduring airport, its historical significance, and how it has shaped, and continues to influence. The local community and aviation sector. The compelling chronicle of Cable Airport offers intriguing insights that are worthy of further exploration.

Early Beginnings of Cable Airport in Upland

The inception of Cable Airport, nestled in the heart of Upland, California, traces back to the early 1940s when an ambitious aviator, Dewey Cable, began to transform a humble bean field into what would become the world’s largest family-owned, public-use airport.

Despite the challenges of World War II. Cable’s vision remained unwavering. He toiled tirelessly, nurturing the bean field into a rudimentary airstrip, setting the stage for the aviation hub that thrives today.

Cable Airport, a testament to Dewey’s perseverance, is a local gem cherished by Upland’s residents. It reflects the area’s rich aviation history and symbolizes the community’s resilience.

Such is the legacy of Cable Airport, a living monument to its founder’s audacious dream and the spirit of Upland, California.

Modern Developments at Cable Airport

Continuing its evolution, Cable Airport has seen significant modern developments, including infrastructure upgrades and expansion, which have solidified its status as a key player in the local aviation industry.

The runway has been lengthened and widened to accommodate larger aircraft. Ensuring the airport’s ability to serve a diverse range of aviation needs. In addition, the terminal building has undergone extensive renovations. Enhancing the airport’s functionality and aesthetic appeal.

These capital investments reflect a commitment to providing a high-quality experience for all airport users. The establishment of the Cable Aviation Museum further fosters a sense of community and belonging. Preserving the rich history of Cable Airport while inspiring future generations of aviators.

Thus, Cable Airport continues to thrive. Catering to both local and visiting aviation enthusiasts.


The evolution of Cable Airport in Upland, CA, from a small grass airstrip to a modern and bustling aviation hub underscores the dynamic nature of aviation history. Its continued growth and development serve as a testament to the enduring vision of its founders.

Thus, Cable Airport stands not only as a significant landmark in Upland, CA, but also as a shining beacon in the chronicles of American aviation history.

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