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Craft Brews at Last Name Brewing, Upland, CA

In the burgeoning arena of craft beer, Last Name Brewing, located in Upland, CA, has etched a distinct niche with their innovative and diverse brews. Their brews showcase a blend of traditional brewing techniques and modern creativity, offering a rich variety of flavors to appease even the most discriminating palates. From robust stouts to crisp IPAs, they offer an assortment that is both broad in scope and depth of flavor, making them a noteworthy player in the craft beer community.

However, the uniqueness of Last Name Brewing doesn’t end with their diverse portfolio. There’s a certain allure that goes beyond their brews, a magnetism that draws one in to explore further, a story that is waiting to be told.

Exploring Last Name Brewing’s Portfolio in Upland, CA

Diving into the robust portfolio of Last Name Brewing offers an intriguing journey through a diverse array of craft brews, each characterized by unique flavor profiles, brewing techniques, and quality ingredients. From the bold, hoppy notes of their American Pale Ale to the rich, complex layers of their time-honored Stout, there is a meticulous attention to detail that resonates in each sip.

Whether you prefer the citrus burst of an IPA or the smooth caramel undertones of a Belgian Dubbel, the craftsmanship is unmistakable. Their experimental brews, too, showcase their commitment to pushing the boundaries of flavor, with inventive combinations that surprise and delight.

This is not just about beer, it’s about a shared experience, a sense of camaraderie, and a celebration of the art of brewing.

Unique Tasting Notes at Last Name Brewing

Building upon the exploration of Last Name Brewing’s diverse portfolio, it’s essential to highlight the unique tasting notes that make each of their craft beers a special experience for the palate.

The ‘Pomona Queen’, for instance, delivers a subtle caramel sweetness, balanced by a delicate hop bitterness.

The ‘Runway IPA’ offers a symphony of citrusy notes, enhanced by a robust piney finish.

The ‘Painted Lady’ is a sensory delight, with its wheaty undertones, lifted by a hint of tart apple.

The ‘Dr. Hops Kolsch’ is a masterstroke, its malt-forward profile, accented by a soft fruitiness, creates a harmonious blend.

These crafted beers, each with their exclusive tasting notes, truly represent the art of brewing at Last Name Brewing. They invite their patrons into a shared sensory journey, a sense of belonging to a community of fine beer connoisseurs.


In conclusion, Last Name Brewing in Upland, CA, offers a unique and engaging experience for craft beer enthusiasts. Their diverse portfolio showcases an impressive range of flavors, appealing to a variety of palates.

With a staggering statistic of producing over 50 different beers annually, this brewery truly embodies the innovative spirit of the craft beer industry.

Thus, Last Name Brewing stands as a testament to the creativity and commitment that are the hallmarks of craft brewing.

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