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Frank G. Bonelli Regional Park : Outdoor Adventure in San Dimas,CA

Like a well-kept secret tucked within the urban sprawl of Southern California, Frank G. Bonelli Regional Park unfolds as an oasis of outdoor adventures waiting for you. Nestled in San Dimas, CA, this 1,975-acre park is a treasure chest of activities, offering everything from peaceful picnics by the lake, to heart-pounding mountain biking on rugged trails.

You’re sure to find a slice of nature that suits your taste. But here’s the catch, Bonelli Park isn’t just about its natural attractions; it’s also steeped in rich history and local lore. And I bet you’re now wondering, what stories does this park hold within its boundaries?

Exploring Bonelli Park’s Attractions in San Dimas

With over 1,800 acres to explore, you’ll find that Bonelli Park offers a myriad of attractions that nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers can’t afford to miss. You’ll feel right at home as you traverse its numerous hiking trails that offer breathtaking views of the San Gabriel Mountains and Puddingstone Lake.

Grab your gear and try your hand at fishing or sailing on the lake, or take a leisurely swim at the public beach. Don’t miss the chance to birdwatch or picnic in the park’s lush, green spaces. It’s also a great place for horseback riding, if that’s your passion.

Adventure Activities at Bonelli Park

If you’re craving for a good adrenaline rush. Bonelli Park’s got you covered with a variety of adventure activities that’ll test your mettle and stir your spirit.

You can dive into water sports at Puddingstone Reservoir, where jet skiing, paddle boarding, and fishing are popular pursuits. You’re also covered on land with over 14 miles of hiking and biking trails. Offering varying degrees of difficulty and stunning views.

For bird lovers, bird watching is a must. And don’t forget to try out horseback riding through the park’s picturesque trails. But it’s not all about thrills; you can also enjoy a leisurely game of golf at the Mountain Meadows Golf Course.


So, you thought San Dimas was only about Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, didn’t you? Well, think again! Frank G. Bonelli Regional Park is a hidden gem, offering thrilling adventures and serene beauty.

So, swap out your air guitar for a paddle, hiking boots, or a bike, and discover the unexpected outdoor paradise right in your backyard. Bonelli Park, where the real adventure in San Dimas, CA awaits.Don’t just exist, live it up, right here!

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