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Olive Heritage at Graber Olive House, Ontario, CA

The Graber Olive House, nestled in the heart of Ontario, CA , is a remarkable testament to the enduring legacy of olive cultivation and artisanal processing in the region. With roots tracing back to 1894, this family-owned establishment has steadfastly upheld traditional methods of olive production. Resulting in a product that is both distinct and highly coveted.

The history and heritage of this renowned institution provide an intriguing narrative that not only reflects the evolution of the olive industry but also mirrors the broader socio-economic transformations that have shaped the region. This discourse invites a closer examination of the multi-faceted aspects of this rich legacy, from the age-old techniques employed in olive processing to the pivotal role that Graber Olive House continues to play in preserving and promoting this unique culinary tradition.

The Historical Journey of Graber Olive House in Ontario

Established in 1894, the Graber Olive House embarked on its historical journey. Setting the foundation for an enduring legacy in the art of olive cultivation and preservation in Ontario, California.

Over the years, it has remained steadfast in its commitment to uphold the traditional methods of olive processing, thereby preserving their unique, rich taste. The House, originally a family-run business, has grown into a symbol of heritage and community. Welcoming visitors from all walks of life to partake in its olive legacy.

Traditional Olive Processing at Graber’s

Graber Olive House’s artisanal processing techniques, steeped in tradition and refined over a century. Epitomize their commitment to preserving the authentic taste and quality of their olives.

The process begins with a careful selection of olives. Ensuring only the finest are picked. These are then cured in a special brine, a time-honored recipe passed down through generations. This curing method, void of lye, allows the olives to naturally ferment, enhancing their unique flavor.

The olives are then delicately hand-stuffed and canned. Maintaining their integrity. This meticulous process, unchanged since 1894, results in an olive that is not only of superior quality but also holds the legacy of the Graber family, offering a taste of tradition in every bite.


The Graber Olive House in Ontario, CA , stands as a testament to the enduring allure of olive cultivation and traditional processing techniques. Its rich history provides a fascinating glimpse into agricultural practices of yesteryears. Alluding to a timeless tradition that persists today.

Thus, the Graber Olive House not only preserves the art of olive production but also reflects a significant facet of California’s agricultural heritage, articulating a story of resilience, innovation, and enduring love for olives.

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