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Rubel Castle: Glendora, CA Quirky Castle of Folk Art and History

You might think you’ve seen all there is to see when it comes to castles, but tucked away in the city of Glendora,CA , you’ll find something truly unique: Rubel Castle.

Constructed by the eccentric Michael Rubel, this folk art masterpiece is a testament to individuality, creativity, and a love for history. It’s filled to the brim with intriguing artifacts, from antique farm equipment to a vintage Santa Fe Caboose.

As you delve into the castle’s complex history and explore its quirky corners, you’ll uncover the fascinating story of a man who dared to dream differently.

But what led Rubel to build such an unusual castle and how did he amass such a diverse collection of artifacts? That’s a tale worth pursuing, isn’t it?

The Eccentric Creator: Michael Rubel

Diving into the heart of Rubel Castle’s charm, you’ll soon discover its eccentric creator, Michael Rubel, a man whose unique vision and relentless passion brought this quirky monument to life.

Born in 1940, Rubel wasn’t your average architect. He was a visionary, a dreamer, a man who believed in the impossible. His journey began in 1959 when he decided to build a castle from recycled materials, a feat that took him 26 years to complete. Rubel’s Castle, as it’s now known, is a testament to his ingenuity and determination.

It’s a place where you can feel a sense of belonging and marvel at the extraordinary. So, step in, explore, and become part of the ongoing story of Michael Rubel’s magnificent creation.

An Exploration of Rubel Castle’s Artifacts in Glendora

As you venture deeper into Rubel Castle, you’ll encounter an eclectic array of artifacts, each with its own unique story rooted in history, art, and Michael Rubel’s whimsical imagination.

  1. The Bottle House: Made entirely of recycled bottles, this house is a testament to Rubel’s commitment to sustainable art.
  2. Antique Rail Cars: Rubel, a train enthusiast, incorporated these relics into the castle’s design.
  3. The Tin Palace: An iron-clad structure, it’s a quirky mix of medieval and steampunk aesthetics.

Each artifact is a piece of the puzzle that’s Rubel’s vision. They’re gateways into his mind, a reflection of his eccentricities, and a testament to his creativity. You’re not just a visitor, you’re an explorer delving into a world of whimsy and history.


In the heart of Glendora, CA, Rubel Castle stands as a whimsical testament to creativity and imagination. Stepping into this quirky castle is like diving headfirst into a vibrant patchwork quilt of history and folk art.

Each artifact, a thread woven into the fabric of this unique masterpiece. Michael Rubel’s eccentric spirit resonates in every stone and sculpture, inviting you to share in his dream.

So, come immerse yourself in this folk art wonderland – it’s truly a sight to behold.

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