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American Museum of Ceramic : Artistry of Ceramic in Pomona, CA

You might not be aware that the American Museum of Ceramic Art, nestled in the heart of Pomona, CA, houses one of the most extensive collections of ceramic art in the United States. From ancient pottery to contemporary ceramic installations, AMOCA offers a captivating snapshot of the evolution of ceramic artistry.

A visit to the museum is akin to a journey through time, offering you glimpses into the rich cultural history of civilizations, as narrated through the language of ceramics. With a diverse display of exhibits and a robust calendar of events, the museum is a hub for artists, scholars, and art enthusiasts alike.

But why is this museum, in particular, such an essential destination for anyone interested in exploring the world of ceramics? Perhaps a closer look at some of their upcoming exhibitions might reveal the answer.

Exploring AMOCA’s Rich Collection in Pomona

Delving into AMOCA’s vast collection, you’ll discover an impressive array of ceramic art, ranging from ancient pottery masterpieces to modern and contemporary ceramic designs. Each piece tells a story, connecting you to the rich history and culture of ceramics. You’ll find pottery dating back thousands of years, providing insight into civilizations long gone.

As part of this community, you’re not simply an observer, but a participant in preserving and appreciating this timeless art form. Moving to more recent works, you’ll see how artists continue to push boundaries, experimenting with form, color, and texture. You’ll marvel at the creativity and innovation, feeling a special kinship with these artists.

In AMOCA’s collection, you’ll find a sense of belonging and a connection to the past, present, and future of ceramic art.

Highlights of Upcoming Exhibitions

Looking ahead, you’ll find a wealth of artistic innovation and mastery in AMOCA’s upcoming exhibitions, each promising to offer fresh perspectives on the ever-evolving world of ceramic art. Here’s a taste of what awaits in Pomona:

  • ‘Fire and Earth’: A deep dive into the relationship between ceramic materials and their transformative journey through fire.
  • ‘The Vessel Reimagined’: An exploration of how contemporary artists are redefining traditional pottery forms.
  • ‘Ceramic Portraits’: Showcasing the unique blend of sculpture and portraiture, pushing the boundaries of likeness and expression.
  • ‘Global Traditions’: A rich tapestry of ceramic art from around the world, revealing our shared human creativity.
  • ‘Masterpieces in Miniature’: Celebrating the delicate beauty of small-scale ceramic works.

You don’t want to miss these thought-provoking exhibitions. They’ll inspire you, challenge you, and deepen your appreciation of this timeless art form.


In the heart of Pomona, CA, the American Museum of Ceramic Art (AMOCA) stands as a testament to the timeless artistry of ceramics. It’s not just a museum, it’s a journey through history, a celebration of culture, and a tribute to the unsung heroes of art.

So, when you’re in town, don’t merely pass by, but savor the chance to explore its rich collection and upcoming exhibitions. After all, AMOCA isn’t just a place, it’s an experience.

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