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Auto Club Raceway at Pomona: Pomona, CA Racing Destination

Do you hear that, the pulsating roar of engines echoing in your ears, the indomitable spirit of competition coursing through your veins in Pomona, CA?

Welcome to the Auto Club Raceway at Pomona, a premier racing destination in Pomona, CA. With a history steeped in speed and thrills, Pomona’s raceway is a testament to the exhilarating world of racing.

From the thunderous NHRA drag races to the heart-stopping Hot Rod races, this racing mecca has seen it all. Here, you’ll feel the adrenaline surge, smell the burning rubber, and witness the sheer power of racing machines.

But it’s not all about the speed and thrill; there’s a lot more to it. So, hold on to your seat, as we’re just getting started.

History of Auto Club Raceway in Pomona

Diving into the history of Auto Club Raceway, you’ll find that this premier racing destination has been setting the stage for high-speed thrills and excitement since its establishment in 1951.

This iconic track, located in Pomona’s, California, sprang from humble beginnings, evolving into a cornerstone of the racing community. You’ll be amazed to learn that what started as a simple dirt track has transformed into a world-class racing facility.

Year after year, it’s been a place where legends are born, records are smashed, and fans become part of a vibrant, passionate community. Behind every screech of tires and roar of engines, there’s a rich history that’s fueled by the love of speed.

As a fan, you’re not just a spectator, you’re part of the Auto Club Raceway’s enduring legacy.

Experiencing the Raceway Today

Building on its rich history, today’s Auto Club Raceway provides an unmissable, exhilarating experience for racing enthusiasts who want to witness the thrill of top-notch motorsports firsthand. You’ll feel the adrenaline rush as you see the world’s fastest vehicles zoom past you, their engines roaring like thunder. The sights, the sounds, and the sheer speed will leave you in awe.

You can stroll through the pits, getting up close and personal with the drivers and their machines. You’ll feel the camaraderie, the shared passion for speed and precision. If you’re a fan, there’s no better place to feel part of something bigger. You’re not just observing, you’re part of the action, the excitement, the community. Come and experience the Auto Club Raceway today.


Stepping into Auto Club Raceway, you’re not just entering a racetrack, but a time machine to a bygone era of roaring engines and high octane thrills. Today, it’s the same adrenaline rush, the same scent of burning rubber.

This isn’t just Pomona, CA premier racing destination, it’s a living, breathing slice of automotive history. So, buckle up, feel your heart race, and let the timeless spirit of the Raceway whisk you away to a world of speed and excitement.

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